Saturday, November 26, 2011

Wooden Cutting Boards

We're always on the lookout for unique wooden cutting boards. There are so many styles and choices out there, all with their own look and purpose. We put together three style boards with some of our recent favorite finds. Follow the links under each set to find where to buy that item!

top left -  Ironwood Gourmet Square Board,   top right - Brookstone bamboo board,  
bottom left - Proteak rectangle cheeseboard,   bottom right - Zebra wood board

top left - Rustic Cherry Footed Platter,  top right - Natural Edge Maple Board,
bottom left - French Oak Cheese Plate,  bottom right - Architec Gripper Board

top left - Picnic Time Cutting Board,  top right - JK Adams Artisan Set
bottom left - Catskill Ultimate Chef's Set,  bottom right - Wedge Cheese Board

We would be happy with any of these lovely boards. Personally, I am more drawn to the rustic boards. They're so warm and homey, so unique. Might have to have Aaron make us one soon...! Which style are you more drawn to?

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving, we had a fantastic dinner at our friend Tim's place. What happens when a bunch of professional chef's and foodies get together for Thanksgiving? Pure food magic ~ We'll post all about it later :)

Have a great day!
Nicole & Aaron